Scarless Thyroid Removal

Endoscopic thyroidectomy, minimally invasive technique, gives excellent cosmetic results when done by an axillary approach.
No large transverse cut across the neck as is the case with open thyroid removal. Dr. Padmakumar performs the surgery in Kerala, Dubai, Abudhabi

After Thyroid Surgery, no scars on neck

I had been having a sore throat for at least a month. I noticed a tiny lump in my neck, which hurt a little when touched. I went to a general physician at Zulekha Hospital who at once referred me to an E.N.T. Specialist. The E.N.T. specialist found the ear nose and throat clear. He gave the scan to be done of the Thyroids. The result showed a swelling in the left side of the Thyroid. I was asked to get an F.N.A.C test done.

The F.N.A.C. test result showed a Follicular adenoma (benign) in the left side of the Thyroid glands. The doctor advised me to get it removed. My first question was about the scar I would have on my neck after the operation. My husband and I met up with Dr. Padmakumar who performed Thyroidectomy surgery on my thyroids through Dr. Vishwanathan, our family Physician.

Before I met Dr. Padmakumar, I was a little scared and apprehensive, but his confident and humerous personality put me at ease at once. The best outcome of the meeting was when I found out that Dr. Padmakumar was going to perform a Laproscopic (keyhole) Thyroidectomy, which meant no scars on my neck.

The surgery was scheduled for the 9th of March 2014, at 7 AM. The whole procedure took three and a half hours under general anaesthesia.

The recovery was quite quick and I was sent home after a couple of days. There were a few incisions on my chest covered by bandages which took little time to heal and would be covered by clothing. The exciting part was that I had no scars on my neck.

I would highly recommend Laparoscopic Thyroidectomy to all, especially ladies, as we are more vanity conscious, and the recovery from the procedure is fast and effective. In the end, I would like to thank Dr. Padmakumar for his skills and competencies, and for never allowing me to feel uncomfortable or unsure during this whole process.

-Wajiha Qureshi. / Age: 54. Nationality: Pakistani. Surgery: Laproscopic Thyroidectomy. March 9th 2014

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